We are very proud to now offer Cake Stand Rentals to our list of services!

They make all the difference when it comes to styling sweet tables and putting your cake on display, playing with different heights and textures for an eye catching display

How it Works:

Fill out the form below to select which cake stands you'd like to rent and the date you need them for.

If the stands are available for your date, you will be sent deposit information to secure them


Majority of the cake stands are made of porcelain, and are therefore decently heavy and extremely fragile; please take this into consideration when placing your order 

Each rental fee listed below is for a rental time of 2 DAYS, which will be highlighted on the invoice - a longer rental time will result in additional fees per day


Each rental fee listed below contains 2 prices: the cost to rent, and the breakage deposit - BOTH must be paid in full to complete the order; once the cake stand has been returned, if it is not broken or damaged in any way, the breakage deposit will be returned to the client; the cost to rent is not refundable

Failure to return the cake stand by the return date stated on the invoice will result in a non-refundable breakage deposit

Delivery is not available for this service, unless a Sweet Selena cake or dessert is being purchased with the applicable delivery fees


Delivery/Pickup is not applicable for returning the cake stands, regardless if a cake or dessert order has been placed - the client MUST return the cake stands 

Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your breakage deposit, if applicable


Sweet Selena's Desserts is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the cakes/desserts you choose to put on the cake stands; it is the client's responsibility to use their discretion regarding the size, weight, placement and overall stability of their cake/desserts with our cake stands


"Mini Porcelain"

8" wide

4" wide flat surface

(fits a 4" wide cake board)

3.1/4" tall 

$22 TOTAL for 1

$12 rental fee; $10 breakage deposit

$36 TOTAL for 2

$16 rental fee

$20 breakage deposit


"The Sweet Fairy"

6" round top surface

3.1/4" tall 

(9.3/4" tall doughnut stick available)


$8 rental fee; $12 breakage deposit



12" wide

9" flat surface

(fits 9"-3" cake boards)

4" tall


$15 rental fee

$25 breakage deposit


"The Crown"

10" wide

(fits 10"-3" cake boards)

4.5" tall


$15 rental fee

$25 breakage deposit

"The Cylinder"

5" wide

(we recommend 6"-10" boards)

8" tall

we recommend filling the tube with other design elements for a showstopping centerpiece!

*cake board not included*


$6 rental fee

$10 breakage deposit


"Rose Gold Prism"

6" across (top opening)

(we recommend 6"-10" cake boards)

9.5" tall

*cake board not included*


$10 rental fee

$20 breakage deposit

LARGE "Wooden"

11.5" wide

10" flat surface

(fits 10"-3" boards)

6.5" tall


$13 rental fee

$25 breakage deposit


SMALL "Wooden"

10" wide

8" flat surface

(fits 8"-3" boards)

6" tall


$10 rental fee

$15 breakage deposit

Rental Order


Cake Stand Option:

We'll be in touch!

Please allow for up to 2 days for a response; an invoice will be sent to the email provided, with payment and pickup / drop off details