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Fancy Hearts, Individual or 6pc

Fancy Hearts, Individual or 6pc

PriceFrom C$3.00

Fancy, Fluffy and Frilly! 


Our classic vanilla sugar cookie, baked to soft and chewy perfection; decorated in a mix of light pink, medium pink and red + a fluffy white trim - and they're COMPLETELY customizable! 


If you'd like custom messages on your hearts [really, any message or phrase!], please use the text box below to submit your message 


If no messages are specified, then you'll recieve a random variety of the following assorted messages: LUV U, BE MINE, KISSES, CALL ME, XOXO, UR CUTE


*any additional colours cannot be added, and design/piping cannot be changed


All cookies will come packaged and sealed in clear bags; Individual cookies will each be tied with a bow; 6pc box will come tied with ribbon [no ribbon on individual cookies]

  • How to Store

    Sugar Cookies will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks in an airtight container, stored at room temperature; they also freeze exceptionally well

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